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Could Sue Blower be the next town crier world champion?


One of the few female town criers in the UK is hoping to head to New Zealand later this year to represent Wales in the pastime's world championships.

Sue Blower has been ringing her bell and passing on local news in her town of Mongomeryshire for more than a decade.

Sue took up the post fourteen years ago after she failed to get into the local council because she didn't get the paperwork in on time.

Town Criers are often asked to appear at local events and charity functions. Many town criers also help local businesses and other organisations to promote events.

The local community enjoy coming out to support Sue and hear the latest news from the area

So, what do you need to be a town crier?

According to the Ancient Honourable Guild of Town Criers website, although most criers carry a bell, it isn't strictly necessary. Other methods of drawing attention such as drums and trumpets are acceptable. The one non-negotiable requirement it says, is a loud voice.

The 2015 World Town Crier Tournament will be held in Otago in New Zealand later this year.