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Ashes Test gets underway at the Swalec Stadium

England will face Australia in a five-day test at the Swalec Stadium Photo: PA

The Ashes clash between England and Australia begins in Cardiff this morning.

It's known as one of the biggest events in the cricket calendar and is expected generate £5m for the Welsh economy over the next five days.

A group of die-hard fans known as the 'Barmy Army' will take over the Swalec Stadium to support England.

The Ashes originates back to 1882 when Australia beat England on their home soil.

An Australian newspaper article joked that English cricket had died and the 'body' would be cremated and taken back to Australia.

The tradition has carried on over the years with the prize of a small urn of ashes given to the winning side.

The Ashes test between Australi andhas been played for over 133 years Credit: PA

The planning and organising of the Test match at the Swalec Stadium has involved months of preparation.

Over the five day Test:

  • 1500 casual staff, 400 stewards and 57 volunteers have been employed to look after the cricketers, guests and spectators
  • 100,000 recyclable disposable pints glasses will be used
  • Around 625kg welsh cheese, 6000 scones and12000 mini bacon rolls will feed the thousands of spectators
  • Over 1000 bottles Champagne and around 152000 pints of beer will be sold
  • Over 750 x1100 litre bins will be filled over the 5 days
  • 23 cleaners working throughout the night will be needed to turn around the stadium
  • 900KVa of power will be used at peak times

This game alone will bring in five million pounds worth of revenue for the local economy here over the five days that we host it, so it really is an important match for the whole of Wales.

– Hugh Morris, Glamorgan Chief Executive