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Unique surfing facility to open in north Wales

Surf Snowdonia, an outdoor adventure destination area in north Wales which features the first ever publicly accessible surfing lagoon, is to open in the Conwy Valley this weekend.

The giant lake will cover the equivalent of eight football pitches. Credit: Surf Snowdonia

The £12m facility will use specially designed engineering and technology to produce powerful and consistent barrelling waves at the push of a button.

The waves will interact with the contours on the bed of the lagoon to provide different wave profiles at different points in the lagoon simultaneously. The waves will be variously 2m, 1.2m and 70cm high and will peel for up to 150 metres, or around a 20 second surfing ride.

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Tonnes of water has been flooding in as the lagoon is filled. Credit: ITV Wales News

The giant lake will cover the equivalent of six football pitches and will give surfers a place to hit the waves that isn't dependent on tides.

The new wave parks have the potential to host International Surfing Association (ISA) World Championship events and also opens the door for Surfing to be included in major multi-sport events, including the Olympic Games.

It's hoped the facility will encourage more people from Wales and beyond to try the support, particularly those with limited access to the sea.

Carole Green reports: