1. ITV Report

Plans to create 560 jobs for renewable energy facility in Milford Haven

Plans have been unveiled by a Cypriot-owned renewable energy company to invest £685 million in a Centre of Renewable Energy Excellence in Milford Haven, creating around 560 jobs for the area.

Egnedol Limited proposes to build a renewable energy facility in Milford Haven and also plans to partner with leading universities in Wales and the European Union to build a research and development facility on site to advance new and existing sustainable technologies.

The company will be presenting its plans for the development in the next week and is preparing a public exhibition to be set up within the next month.

We believe our proposal for a clean energy facility at Blackbridge and Waterston has the potential to place Milford Haven at the heart of one of the most exciting growth industries in the world – renewables – bringing much needed jobs and inward investment to Pembrokeshire.

We want to inform local residents about our plans, get feedback and gather opinion to help ensure that any issues or concerns are taken in to consideration.

Alongside the creation of direct and indirect jobs, the facility will place our region at the forefront of clean, renewable energy.

The research and development unit will also become a key resource for furthering our knowledge and skills-bank of future energy solutions, advancing new technologies and developing specialist professionals to work in a rapidly growing industry.

– Phil Johns, Egnedol Representative