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Newport to welcome fifty Syrian refugee families

Newport City Council says it will welcome 50 Syrian refugee families into homes across the city.

Credit: PA Images

Today's announcement is part of the recently confirmed UK government initiative that it will accept 20,000 additional refugees over the next five years.

Newport is one of four designated dispersal area for asylum seekers in Wales under the government’s national arrangements.

The first Syrian refugees arrived in the UK yesterday since the government scheme to resettle them was extended Credit: PA Images

Across Europe, ministers voted to accept a total of 120,000 migrants following a meeting in Brussels.

Millions have fled Syria in recent months and weeks to escape the Assad regime and threat from the so-called Islamic State.

Newport council said it's waiting for finalisation of the scheme from the Home Office and definite numbers will be agreed based on a range of factors including available school places.

“Newport City Council is sympathetic to the plight of refugees from Syria and other war-torn areas across the world.

Therefore, as part of the Syrian Refugee Scheme, the council has agreed to accept 50 Syrian refugee households in addition to its normal allocation via the Home office scheme. Newport is proud to be playing its part in assisting with this tragic situation affecting many innocent people.”

– Cllr Bob Bright, Leader of Newport City Council