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Exclusive: Couple who survived Tunisian terror attack try to move forward with their lives by planning their wedding

Mathew and Saera are now trying to get their lives back to normal. Photo: ITV News

Three months ago, Welshman Mathew James was hailed a hero around the world, after he used his body as a human shield to protect his fiancee Saera from the gunman who targeted tourists on a Tunisian beach.

Mathew was shot three times, and fought for his life in hospital. Saera was unharmed, and has spent every moment by his side as he recovers.

The couple have told ITV News that they are still struggling emotionally to deal with what happened in June, and going to counselling sessions each week.

They are now trying to move forward with their lives by planning their wedding.

ITV's Lorraine programme surprised them last week by booking their dream venue - the New House Country Hotel in Cardiff.

Mathew and Saera's children surprised them on ITV's Lorraine. Credit: ITV Lorraine

Mathew, 30 and from Tongwynlais, was on holiday in Tunisia with fiancee Saera Wilson, 26 and from Nantgarw.

They were on the beach in Sousse when gunman Seifeddine Rezgui opened fire.

This photograph was taken of Mathew and Saera on holiday in Tunisia, before the terror attack. Credit: Saera Wilson

He "instinctively" threw himself in the line of fire to protect her.

Mathew says: "I don't think I'm a hero" - but Saera disagrees: "he's my hero."

After being shot in his stomach, chest and arm, he told her to run to safety herself because she needed to survive to look after their children, who are aged 7 and 18 months and were back home in Wales.

Here, they recount what happened on the beach that day:

Mathew had surgery in hospital in Tunisia, before being brought home for more treatment in Cardiff.

Mathew and Saera say they are both 'very lucky' to be alive. Credit: Saera Wilson

He is awaiting the results of a scan on injuries to his leg, which will reveal if he needs another operation.

They hope that good news will allow him to return to work soon.

Together, they run their own gas fittings business - but have had to put it on hold while they recover from the events in Sousse.

Saera says "it is still really hard emotionally. Little things set us off - you get a memory - and you're right back there on that day."

They spend two hours a week with Veterans Wales, and Mathew believes they will be in therapy for some time, as they deal with what happened.

Here, they describe what it's like, three months on:

Now, they are trying to get back to normal - and particularly, to focus on their wedding. They were already engaged, but put that on hold too - that is, until a surprise on ITV's Lorraine programme last week.

Their wedding, at their dream venue, is now booked for January 2017.

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