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British-Syrian's plea to be reunited with her husband

A woman from the Vale of Glamorgan whose Syrian husband has been left stranded in Turkey is appealing to the UK Government to allow her family to be reunited.

Amira was forced to flee the war torn country in 2014.

As a British citizen, the 24 year old was able to settle in Barry, where she gave birth to a son last year.

UK immigration rules have so far prevented her husband from joining them.

Amira and her son Jude are living in Barry Island Credit: ITV News

"We left everything because of this war, it's destroyed us, it's put pressures on our marriage on our family relationships, my mother in law will never meet her grandson at this rate, if my husband can't be here."

– Amira
Ahmed talks to his family via video call from Turkey Credit: ITV News

Amira is British but her husband Ahmed is Syrian and currently stranded in Turkey.

He can't apply for a spouse's visa because he wouldn't be able to pass English tests and she can't meet the financial criteria of earning £18,600 a year.

The couple also had problems registering their marriage in Syria because Ahmed didn't want to fight for the Syrian government.

They felt they had no choice but to flee the country.

I blame everybody, society, government, and western government who do have the power to do something. It's really very difficult. I've missed the most precious days with my son. I want us to have stability and for us to be together.

– Ahmed

The Home Office say all applications are considered on their individual merits and in accordance with immigration rules.

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