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Christmas walkers stumble upon beached whale

Minke whale at the Dyfi Ynyslas National Nature Reserve, near Borth, Ceredigion. Credit: Ali Chedgy

A Minke whale washed up dead during Christmas Day storms at a beach in Ynyslas, near Aberystwyth.

Coastguards are deciding how to remove the 15-foot creature's carcass from the beach.

Credit: Ali Chedgy

We had reports about a whale washed up on shore on Christmas Day, however due to the bad weather we were unable to remove it.

If the whale had been alive the situation might have been different, but as I understand it the carcass is pretty badly decomposed.

Someone will be going down to have a look at it today.

They take samples for analysis, measure it and sometimes they would take away the lower jaw to perform a bit of an autopsy.

"We do get whales washed up from time to time, but I wouldn't say it is a common occurrence.

– A spokesman for HM Coastguard

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