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Should babies really sleep through the night?

A baby that sleeps through the night might be near the top of any expectant parent's wish list.

But should babies really be sleeping all night long?

Credit: Swansea University

Research by Swansea University suggests the answer is "no".

To coincide with Safer Sleep Week, Swansea University have released a video to help new parents find out about baby sleep and feeding patterns.

The video challenges the idea that babies should be sleeping all through the night and seeks to disprove 'the myth' that babies will sleep longer at night if they are given more solid food.

Video Credit: Swansea University.

More than 700 mothers were involved in the study and the research found 78% of babies between the ages of 6 and 12 months will wake at least once a night.

Credit: PA

The film helps to highlight the key research findings which firstly contest the idea that babies should be sleeping through the night once they are past a few weeks old and secondly that what you feed babies will help their sleep.

There is a common belief that formula milk or giving more solid foods will help your baby sleep better and this study shows this isn’t true.

We did find that mothers who were breastfeeding fed their baby more at night but this could be because breastfeeding is a simple way to get your baby back to sleep quickly!

The babies who were formula fed still woke up, they just weren’t fed.

– Dr Amy Brown, programme director for the MSc Child Public Health course