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'Wrong way' seaside bench becomes 'world's first' selfie bench

What was possibly Britain's "daftest" seaside bench has been rebranded "the world's first" selfie bench.

Is this the world's first selfie bench? Credit: Peter Bolter

Council bosses were criticised earlier this month for siting two new benches facing away from the seaside at Porthcawl near Bridgend.

Walkers wanting a seaside sit down cannot take in the stunning coastal views because the seats face a road.

The benches cost a reported £500 each and face the road. Credit: Peter Bolter

In response to the stinging criticism local tourism chiefs have announced that they are now in fact home to the UK’s first dedicated ‘selfie bench’.

The pair of benches, which face Porthcawl’s busy esplanade and not the stunning Welsh coastline, have caused some confusion in the press with many quick to point fingers at a council mishap.

It has since been claimed, however, that whilst one will be turned, the other could be a blessing in disguise, catering for an influx of social media savvy travellers.

– Bridgend Tourism Association
Credit: Peter Bolter

Bridgend County Council, which last year hosted 'The Only Way is Essex' for a one-off Wales based special, says the 'selfie bench' offers the perfect opportunity for visitors to share the gorgeous coastal backdrop with their online followers.

Credit: Peter Bolter

We are inviting anyone visiting Porthcawl’s esplanade to take their own bench selfie and share it on social media using the hashtag #SelfieBench”.

– Hugh Murray, a Director of the Bridgend Tourism Association
The perfect selfie! Credit: Peter Bolter