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Adventuring in Pembrokeshire: The birth place of coasteering

Coasteering at the Blue Lagoon Photo: ITV Wales News
  • Sport: Coasteering
  • Location: Abereiddy
  • Sea temperature: 9℃

It as extreme as you want to make it, but the number one rule about coasteering is that you simple HAVE to get wet!

Coasteering is a sport that involves cliff jumping, wild swimming and splashing about in caves.

It was invented in Pembrokeshire and can now be done all around the world.

This is what it feels like to jump from the old quarry works:

We went to the Blue Lagoon at Abereiddy, the home of Red Bull Cliff Diving.

Coasteering instructor Cleo has been running courses here for years.

There is an element of risk, obviously it's an adventure and every adventure does carry risk

There's a lot of people who will literally just go and jump off a cliff, not knowing what's under the water, how deep the water is and it really is very dangerous; but for those of us who are doing it professionally, we really do know our onions and it's as safe and we can possibly make it out there....

– Cleopatra Browne, CelticQuest Coasteering

It was the first time that many of us in the group had ever gone coasteering... but it didn't take long to fully immerse ourselves in the experience!

Watch here:

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