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Thousands of Muslims across Wales fasting for Ramadan

Credit: ITV Cymru Wales

Tens of thousands of Muslims across Wales are currently fasting for 18 hours a day between sunrise and sunset for Ramadan.

The Islamic month of Ramadan moves every year, and 2016 is said to be the most challenging in thirty years, because it's fallen in mid Summer.

16-year-old Amaani Ahmed from Cardiff is fasting whilst doing her GCSE exams at the same time.

Credit: ITV Cymru Wales

My mum, she gave me the option of fasting or I could put it on hold if that makes sense and make them up after exams. But we tried that and I feel it's easier to keep them while revising and doing my exams. It makes the time go faster and you feel a bit left out in a sense because your whole family's fasting.

– Amaani Ahmed

I do feel sorry for her but she's been really good just getting on with it. I think like all children going through Ramadan they've adapted. Children they adapt easily so they've done really well."

– Saffiya Ahmed, Mum

Like all Year 11 pupils, Amaani now has two long months to wait for her GCSE results.