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I'll be 90 before I'm a minister says Welsh Tory MP

David Davies, still firmly a backbench MP at Westminster Photo: Parliament TV

Newport West MP Paul Flynn has made his debut at Westminster as Shadow Welsh Secretary.

The 81-year-old is Shadow Leader of the Commons as well. He's joked that also substituting for the suspended Aaron Ramsay in the Welsh football team "is a tad impractical".

Mr Flynn's unexpected double promotion is a result of the mass resignations from Jeremy Corbyn's Shadow Cabinet. His appointment was welcomed today by a long-standing foe, the Monmouth MP David Davies.

He and I go back many decades and although we have never really agreed, I do think it's wonderful that he's found his way onto the front bench. I suspect it will take me even longer than he has... but you never know, we could even see a nonagenarian one of these days and I'll put myself up for it if I'm still here.

– David Davies, Conservative MP for Monmouth

Mr Davies is now chair of the Welsh Select Committee at Westminster but he cut his political teeth campaigning against Mr Flynn in Newport. He's 46 and has been an MP since 2005. If he's still an MP when he's 90, he'll have matched Lloyd George's 55 years at Westminster.

Carolyn Harris and Paul Flynn are now Labour's shadow Wales Office team Credit: Parliament TV

Carolyn Harris, who became MP for Swansea East last year, has taken on the role of Shadow Wales Office Minister and joined Paul Flynn for today's debate on the Wales Bill.

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