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Over 7,500 animals rescues by RSPCA Cymru in Wales last year

Credit: RSPCA Cymru

RSPCA Cymru collected and rescued over 7,500 animals in Wales in 2015, according to new figures.

The figures also reveal that animal cruelty convictions were down by more than 23% than the year previously.

In their annual summary report for 2015, released today, RSPCA Cymru outlined the work they did in Wales last year.

animals rescued by the RSPCA in Wales in 2015.
animals rehomed by the RSPCA in Wales in 2015.
treatments offered to animals in need.
Seren Coed was rescued from Caernarfon with a severe injury to one of her hind legs. Credit: RSPCA Cymru

Although 2015 was another very busy year for the RSPCA in Wales, progress continued in the fight to reduce cruelty and alleviate suffering.

There was a fall in the number of cruelty complaints and prosecutions, but a rise in the number of welfare and warning notices we successfully implemented and so we know our education and advice is working.

We’re working hard every day alongside our partners in the police, local authorities and the Welsh Government to improve animal welfare and reduce animal cruelty across Wales.

– Claire Lawson, RSPCA assistant director for external relations - Wales
Credit: RSPCA Cymru