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M4 variable speed limit will be enforced from Monday

Photo: Google Maps

GoSafe has today confirmed that speed enforcement action at the M4 Variable Speed Limit (VSL) System on the 13km stretch of the M4 between Junction 24 (Coldra) and Junction 28 (Tredegar Park) will start next Monday.

It says technology monitors traffic flow and calculates the best speed limits for the traffic. The limits are displayed on the electronic signs above lanes and at the side of the road.

The group says when vehicles travel at consistent and similar speeds, journey times become more predictable.

Congestion and queuing is reduced as traffic continues to flow steadily and the risk of collisions from vehicles approaching the back of queues is lessened.

Since its launch the scheme has helped improve traffic flow and reduce the number of collisions along this stretch, with the majority of drivers adhering to the limits in place.

However, a minority of drivers continue to flout the displayed limits and act as if the restrictions do not apply to them.

– Ken Skates AM, Economy and Infrastructure Secretary

The system will go live next Monday and after a 14 day period, during which advisory notices will be sent out, those drivers exceeding the displayed speed limit will be sent notices of intended prosecution.

Where we have to, we will deal with those drivers formally through the prosecution process, but we are trying to ensure that anyone who may have become complacent over the variable limits, clearly understands the risk they will be taking, and the legal consequences.

– Chris Hume, GoSafe Partnership Manager