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Powys children to wait up to a year for school

From September 2017 children in Powys are going to have to wait up to a year longer to start school. It means there will not be nursery provision in schools. It will affect around 1400 children a year, with 100 job losses.

The change is because the County Council has decided to change the age of admission to the September after the child turns four. It's compulsory for children to be in school when they are five.

Polly Williams with son Archie Credit: Polly Williams

For Polly Williams it means her son Archie will start nine months later than she had originally planned:

For him I think it might be a bit better because he'll be more mature and he'll have more understanding of what's going on but for me as a working parent it's not going to be great because it means forking out for another year of childcare

– Polly Williams, Parent
Polly Williams told ITV News about her concerns Credit: ITV Wales

The Council say the changes are being made to save around a million pounds as they seek to save £30 million over three years.

Councillor Arwel Jones, the Cabinet Member for Education, told ITV News they hope to offer an extra two and a half hours of education a week on top of the 10 hours that is mandatory for three year olds.

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But ITV News has learnt that parents are confused about the changes, and do not feel fully informed.

Tonight Powys County Council told us that parents were told about the proposed changes in the Spring, and that they will be provided with further information in the run up to September 2017.