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Diamond Review advises £9,000 fees for students

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Welsh university students should be charged £9000 in tuition fees in future wherever they study. That's the verdict of a major report on higher education that says more emphasis is needed on helping students with living costs. They are suggesting this system for full time undergraduates from Wales:

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  • Tuition fees:
  • Around £9,000 to be fully paid for by student loans. Repayments would begin once graduates earn about £21,000
  • Living Costs:
  • A £1,000 annual non-means- tested universal maintenance grant to be made available to all students
  • A means-tested maintenance grant of up to £8,100 (if student living away from home outside London) or £10,125 (if student living away from home in London). It is expected the average grant to be around £6,000.

The panel has moved away from supporting tuition fees because they found that living costs was more of a barrier than tuition fees. By not supporting tuition fee grants the government will save around £500 million. The panel suggests this money is used to offer more support for part time and post-graduate studies:

  • Part-time students should be given support for living costs similar to maintenance support, and loans for fees
  • Postgraduate students should receive the same level of maintenance and tuition fee support as undergraduate students.

The Welsh Government will now consider the findings, but the panel chair was keen to emphasise these proposals wouldn’t have implications for current students in the system.

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