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Mum calls for equal education in Wales regardless of disability

Carmel Boston with daughter Olivia Newing Credit: ITV Wales

A mother is calling for changes to be made to the further education system in Wales for young people with disabilities.

Carmel Boston had to campaign for nine months for her daughter Olivia, who has cerebral palsy, to get a place at Bridgend College.

Olivia became very anxious, all her friends were going to college. I had to give up my job, due to not knowing who'd care for her if she didn't get into college.

– Carmel Boston, Olivia's Mum
Olivia Newing now attends Bridgend College Credit: ITV Wales

Bridgend College says there are many other cases like Olivia's.

Carmel hopes by speaking out, it'll encourage the government to do more to help support those with disabilities who want to progress to further education.

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The Welsh Government says it considers applications on a case by case basis and are reviewing the current process.

We are aware that transition to college can be a difficult time for learners, especially those with additional needs. To support the transition process Careers Wales provides young people with independent careers advice and guidance, and helps identify post-16 provision which is suitable to meet their learning needs.

Where specialist provision is identified, Welsh Ministers consider applications on a case by case basis and every effort is made to respond in a timely fashion. We are endeavouring to make the process of applications for placements as easy as possible and are currently reviewing guidance and supporting documentation with this in mind.

– Welsh Government spokesperson