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Year of Adventure: Paragliding in Mid-Wales

Paragliding near Aberystwyth Photo: ITV Wales News

You don't need me to tell you that Wales is home to some incredible scenery; but there is one view that although hard to come by, is surely one of the most impressive ways to see Wales.

Paragliding relies on a perfect mix of conditions.

Light winds and specific cloud cover, as well as big hills and open spaces.

Preparing for paragliding Credit: ITV Wales News

Steve Griffiths runs a paragliding centre near Aberystwyth.

The sport has taken him all around the world, but believes Wales has some incredible locations for flying...

Once we get up on a good day here we can see all down the coastline from the north down to Cardigan, all of Cardigan Bay. We can see the mountains up in North Wales, we can see inland...

What we have here is quite spectacular for the conditions and winds you need for paragliding

– Steve Griffiths

We travelled inland from Aberystwyth in search of those perfect conditions and found them about 10 miles away.

One kitted up, it was time for a safety briefing and demo, before inevitably, stepping off the mountain.

Flying near Aberystwyth Credit: ITV Wales News

With the wind rushing through our glider, we hugged the side of the mountain, building height to get up and over the top.

The rolling landscape below a just reward, for this adrenalin fuelled aerial adventure.

Hugging the mountain Credit: ITV Wales News

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