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Cardiff splits opinion with new £30,000 Christmas tree

They promised a "spectacular" tree, standing at 40 metres, and covered in golden baubles - but the tree that has appeared outside Cardiff Castle this weekend has definitely split opinions - and it's costing the council thousands of pounds.

Credit: ITV News

The artificial tree, sourced from China was eagerly anticipated but has disappointed some - most noticeably in its size.

It's actually 40 feet high, instead of 40 metres - and some people aren't impressed.

But the council have recognised that not everyone is a fan.

In a statement they also explained the cost in more detail.

Credit: ITV News

The City Council's Christmas tree which was installed outside the castle on Friday night will cost £30,000 over a three year lease agreement. This is a saving to the tax payer of £5,000 a year on previous tree installations.The person who told us the tree was 40m high has since revealed he believes he is 18ft tall. We apologise to everyone who was expecting a bigger tree and are cutting the person responsible down to size!

– Cardiff Council spokesperson

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