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Wales' 2017 school ratings to be published later today

Parents will find out later this morning how well their children's schools are performing.

Credit: PA

The Welsh Government's system categorises schools as green, yellow, amber or red according to their performance, with some schools getting extra support to help them improve.

How does it work?

  • Green support category: Schools deemed to be 'highly effective', 'well run', with 'strong leadership' and clear priorities for improvement.
  • Yellow support category: An 'effective' school which is 'doing well' and knows where it needs to improve.Amber support category: A school 'in need of improvement', which needs help to 'identify the steps to improvement'. The school will receive a 'tailored' package of support.
  • Red support category: A school in need of 'greatest improvement' which will receive 'immediate, intensive' support and be 'closely monitored'.

We'll publish the full results on our website later today.

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