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Sport Wales chair and vice-chair suspended

Sport Wales has a budget of more than £20 million a year Photo: Sport Wales

Health Minister Rebecca Evans has suspended the chair of Sport Wales, the body that spends more than £20 million a year supporting both community and elite sport. Dr Paul Thomas was appointed by the Welsh Government last year but the board he inherited passed a vote of no confidence in him on 22 November.

The minister suspended the board's activities the next day and set up an assurance review that has now reported back to her. As a result she has now reinstated the board but suspended both the Dr Thomas and his vice-chair, Adele Baumgardt. Ms Baumgardt was one of the board members who unanimously supported the vote oif no confidence.

Because of issues relating to data protection and confidentiality, and on the basis of legal advice, it would be inappropriate for me to comment in any detail on the findings of the assurance review. I do want to make clear, for the avoidance of doubt, that the conclusions are principally related to a significant breakdown of some interpersonal relationships at a senior level within Sport Wales.

– Minister for Social Services and Public Health Rebecca Evans AM

A former senior civil servant, Lawrence Conway, has been appointed interim chair of Sport Wales. Rebecca Evans has told AMs that she regrets that she couldn't give more certainty today about the future of Sport Wales but that a long term solution was needed, "not a sticking plaster".