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What do you love about the Valleys? Get in touch

Tell us why you love the Valleys Credit: ITV Wales

The Valleys. They are often called the heartbeat of Wales.

There isn't a real definition of where the Valleys are - but it's thought around 30% of the Welsh population live there.

Next week on Wales At Six we'll be having a special week looking at life in the Valleys, the challenges and the opportunities.

We want you to take part. Tell us why you love the Valleys!

  • We want you to record a video and email it to
  • Start by saying who you are and where you are from!
  • Make sure you record it landscape instead of portrait - it'll look better on TV that way!

Andrea Byrne has all the details...

Tell us why the Valleys are a great place to live. What's the best bit? What's your favourite location and why?

Let us know as part of 'View from the Valleys' - next week on ITV Wales.

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