On Coast and Country tonight it's all about the sea!

Where does the fish we eat actually get caught, and how does it get from the sea to our plate? Tonight Ruth heads to a distribution centre in Cardiff to follow a delivery headed for Swansea market .

Where has it come from, and where is this stock headed?

Ruth will also be exploring her own family's connection with fishing in Mumbles, making an emotional return with her parents to the home of Milton, Ruth's grandad! Milton was a keen fisherman who loved his boats!

Ruth's family make an emotional return

Milton was an expert catching mackerel, teaching Ruth and her younger brother Thomas how to catch fish - with varying degrees of success!

Milton Brown, Ruth's grandad and keen fisherman!

But what would Milton make of the state of our seas these days? These commercial fisherman in Mumbles tell us how times have changed!

Also on the show tonight, Andrew meets whelk fisherman Dean, who talks about the effect the weather can have on his livelihood.

Andrew meets whelk fisherman Dean Parry

And speaking of the weather and all things seasonal, our expert and online sensation Huw joins us with his hints and tips to get our gardens ready!

Tips from Huw on how to get your garden growing!

Finally, find out if your picture has made it in to our gallery! Emma's has!

Our Coast and Country, in your pictures!

Coast and Country, tonight at 8pm on ITV Cymru Wales.