Coast and Country LIVE!

Nothing says spring quite like the sight of little lambs frolicking in the fields! We're now well into lambing season, and tonight we are LIVE at a sheep farm where the season is well underway. It's been a busy few weeks for the Edwards family!

Russell and Eira Edwards have been running Hendre Ifan Goch farm for decades. With the help of their son Rhys they farm over 250 acres and now concentrate on their flock of sheep. With over 600 breeding ewes, and over a 1000 lambs expected this season alone, it's a busy time!

Meet Rhys, Eira and Russell Edwards

We've been following their lambing journey over the last few weeks, and Ruth even joined them on an overnight shift!

Heading out to the lambing sheds on the night shift

And when the overnight shift is done, there's the promise of Eira's cooked breakfast to get them through the day! And Ruth wasn't about to say no!

Breakfast is ready!

But there's no doubt that these are tough times for the farming industry. The number of working farms in Wales has declined and the price farmers are paid for their products has fallen dramatically. Even the uncertainty of Brexit is having an impact. So what does the future hold for farming families like the Edwards? Hannah asks two of our biggest farming unions.

Hannah asks what the future holds for farmers?

And we follow the progress of our very own twins, Coast and Country! We filmed them being born, but how are they getting on a few weeks later?

Coast and Country, our twins!

Fingers crossed, we'll get to see a birth whilst we are on air! But, this is live television, so anything could happen! Join us tonight at 8pm

Andrew and Ruth