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Welsh Labour meets ahead of local elections

Carwyn Jones and Jeremy Corbyn campaigning together last year Photo: PA

Welsh Labour hopes to use its conference this weekend to get across a message that it's delivering in local government after regaining control of several Welsh councils in 2012. But the party knows that local elections are often influenced by wider issues and that it will struggle in May to match its performance five years ago.

Carwyn Jones is expected to try to shift the debate from Labour's splits over Jeremy Corbyn's handling of Brexit and highlight Welsh Labour's record in power, both in local government and in Cardiff Bay. The First Minister says he wants to address voters' concerns.

We must remind ourselves that we also have to deliver for people locally on the bread and butter issues that are much closer to home. Council elections are just weeks away, and whilst we will be going all out to secure every vote we can, we know it will be tough to replicate our stellar results in 2012.

Brexit is rarely mentioned. Local transport is. The desire for more quality, secure work and access to apprenticeships comes up everywhere. But, the clear single message which underpins almost every question is a people in search of a Fair Deal for Wales, and that is exactly what we aim to deliver for every community over the next four years. Brexit or no Brexit, people expect us to deliver on our promises..

– First Minister and Welsh Labour Leader Carwyn Jones AM

The conference will be addressed by both Carwyn Jones and Jeremy Corbyn and it will be the first major political gathering since the terrorist attack on Westminster.

Events this week in Westminster will obviously be on everyone’s minds, and the customary hugs and handshakes will be a little warmer and linger a little longer as we greet each other this weekend. Wednesday’s attack shook us all, but the dignity and defiance on show from the police, parliamentarians and Londoners continuing with their lives shows that terror will not win. Our members will be given every opportunity to express their sympathy and solidarity with the victims of the attack over the weekend.

– First Minister and Welsh Labour Leader Carwyn Jones AM