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Water 'sent 40ft up' after hydrant bursts in Llandudno Junction

People in Llandudno Junction have seen a water fired "40 feet" into the air after a hydrant burst on a residential street.

Resident say the water rose 40ft in the air above Llandudno Junction. Credit: Daniel Holland

The incident happened on Marl Drive earlier today, with Welsh Water saying some properties in the area may have lost water supply.

In a statement, Welsh Water apologised for any inconvenience caused to customers, but expected water supplies to be returning to normal later this afternoon.

A damaged water hydrant may be affecting water supplies to customers in the Llandudno Junction area. People may experience low water pressure or have no water supply at all. We have a team on site dealing with the situation and estimate that water supplies should begin returning to normal later this afternoon.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience this may be causing and assure anybody affected that we are doing all we can to restore normal service as quickly as possible.

As supplies begin to return, some customers may notice a slight discoloration of their tap water. This is not unusual after an incident of this nature and should clear within a short period of time.

– Welsh Water spokesperson