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Cardiff one of the worst cities for 4G mobile signal

Wales is the worst in the UK for access to 4G signal, according to consumer magazine Which?

They found users were only able to connect to 4G 35.4% of the time, and that Cardiff is one of the worst big cities nationwide for 4G signal, with Wales as a whole lagging behind London.

The report found Middlesborough is the best UK city for 4G accessibility, with 83% availability, while London came in 16th, with Nottingham, Cardiff, Southampton and Bournemouth rounding out the list of 20th biggest UK cities.

The average overall network availability across the UK is 65%, meaning mobile users can access 4G almost two thirds of the time.

This isn't as good as many other countries, and ranks the UK at 54th in the world, behind Estonia and Peru.

We're used to hearing about Wales doing quite badly when it comes to mobile coverage and signal and usually we think about that in terms of the rural parts of Wales, but what we're hearing here as well is real problems for many people living in Cardiff.

– Pete Moorey, Which? magazine

A Welsh Government spokesperson said

Let’s be very clear, mobile services are not devolved and the Welsh Government has been vigorous in calling for Wales to get the coverage and connectivity it needs to support our economy and our communities in the 21st Century.

Earlier this year the Minister for Skills and Science led the way by holding a mobile round table which included the industry, Ofcom, local planning officers and others to explore how government, the regulator and the industry can work together to achieve this. As a result, a mobile action plan for improving mobile connectivity will be published by the Welsh Government later this year along with a road map to achieving it. Welsh Government has a strong track record improving connectivity in Wales. Over 630,000 premises across Wales have now been given access to fast fibre broadband thanks to the Superfast Cymru scheme, with Wales enjoying better coverage than any of the other devolved nations and major economies like, Germany, Italy or Spain. By working constructively we can make progress in this area.

– Welsh Government spokesperson