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GMB hails victory to represent Bridgend Lidl workers

A leading union has claimed a "massive victory" for workers' rights after a legal ruling over its bid to represent warehouse staff at supermarket giant Lidl.

Lidl said they were "disappointed" with the outcome. Credit: PA

The GMB hailed a decision by the Court of Appeal to reject an attempt by the company to overturn a previous ruling allowing it to negotiate on behalf of workers at a site in Bridgend.

The court confirmed the right of the GMB to ballot the workers for union recognition.

Despite Lidl's repeated attempts at union-busting, the courts have today upheld a massive victory for workers' rights.

The company has shown a shocking lack of respect for their own staff's wishes, and wasted shareholders' money with this frivolous appeal.

This will pave the way for workers at Bridgend to negotiate their pay and conditions via their democratically selected union reps.

Hopefully Lidl will now see sense and form a constructive relationship with us.

– Lorraine Gaskell, GMB

In response, Lidl said they were "disappointed" with the outcome, but will respect the decision and fully support the ballot process.

Whilst we are disappointed with the outcome of the Court of Appeal, we respect the decision and the ballot process will receive our full support. As a responsible retailer, we are committed to ensuring that our employees receive a high level of internal support and industry-leading terms and conditions.

We believe that our employees are fairly represented within the business, without having to engage with unions and creating a fragmented workforce.

The proposed bargaining unit does not reflect the Lidl ethos of one company,one team. Our commitment to fairness across our entire workforce forms a central part of our core values. Our preference is to have open and direct lines of communication with our employees.

– Lidl Statement