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Parents and nursery workers protest to save University crèche

Parents and nursery workers have held a demonstration in Pontypridd to protest against the proposed closure of the University of South Wales' crèche facilities due to cost.

Parents, children and nursery works marched to Ynysangharad Park.

UNISON says closing the play centre will impact negatively on all parts of the university community and the wider area.

The trade union has also complained the decision goes against equal opportunities, by disproportionately impacting on female students, university staff and the female crèche workforce.

We know the university could afford to subsidise the crèche if it chose to do so.

USW is sacking lower paid university support staff and those caring for local children. It doesn't seem like a single highly-paid executive at USW is under threat of redundancy, despite poor performance indicators.

The university's priorities are clearly back to front and that's what's making parents and workers so angry.

– Seb Cooke, UNISON organiser
USW say no final desicion has yet been made on the future of the crèche - despite claims of a September closure.

In response, USW has said no final decision has been made on the closure of the nursery.

They say the University is currently still consulting on proposals to withdraw the annual subsidy that it gives to the nursery, which will be over £150,000 in 2017/18, and that they are looking to see if the nursery can continue to operate using other models.

We're a parent-friendly university with students from all backgrounds and stages in life.

The University wants to keep the play centre open in a way that doesn't make a loss of over £150,000 a year, and we are working with staff and others to explore all of the possible options.

– University of Wales statement
Some students have said the crèche was the only reason they began studying at the University.

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