Pint of Science: The science festival held in pubs and cafes

When you pop to the pub for a glass of wine or a pint of beer you probably expect a good chat and a drink.

This week the Pint of Science festival has been in Cardiff for the first time.

The aim is to bring science and technology to a new audience and try to get more people involved.

Watch the report below:

The talks are short - no more than half an hour.

All you need is a seat, an appetite to learn, and - yes - you are allowed a drink.

If you try and hold a lecture - a public lecture - in a conference room or lecture theatre, that's already creating the environment of academia, that's already saying that you might need a level of knowledge to come in.

But to walk into a pub, to walk into a coffee shop there's no prerequisite, there's no need to know

– Hayley Moulding, local organiser

The team want to highlight the work done in our universities and laboratories.

Do you know the answer?

At the end of the day, the public fund our research so they deserve to know what we're doing and why it's interesting.

It's really important to have good public engagement.

It's important to get the message, so people understand that doing science is good for them, good for the economy and good for people's health.

– Professor Liam Gray, Cardiff University

Pint of Science events are already held worldwide.

The organisers hope its Welsh debut is a good sign that it'll continue to grow.