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Charity creates film to educate public about hijab

An equality charity has created a film to try and help people understand why some Muslim women decide to wear the hijab.

In a series of interviews recorded by Race Equality First they speak about how the headscarf is an important part of their faith but how this can also make them a target for discrimination.

Ayesha and her mum Shahida are both very proud to wear their Hijab, but they say it's also made them a target for discrimination.

When I first started wearing the hijab, I got chased with knives in the local area, I got egged.

People would tell me to go back to my own country and I was like I was born here.

I'm half Welsh as well, so it was really confusing to be told to go back to your own country when you're from here.

– Ayesha Khan

They now live in Cardiff and say people are a lot more tolerant, but they hope this new film will help further tackle misconceptions.

One of the main misunderstandings is that they're forced to wear the hijab.

This is my choice, if I want to show my hair I will show it, if I don't want to show it then I should have the right not to do that. So I don't think that people can make judgements just because of what you wear.

– Shahida Khan

They hope speaking out - will help bring more understanding and tolerance in the future.