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Labour and Conservatives launch Welsh manifestos as parties await new opinion poll

Carwyn Jones and Therersa May last met just before the election was called. It's unlikely that their paths will cross again today Photo: PA

With the General Election now less than three weeks away, the very different tactics of Labour and the Conservatives will be on display today as both parties launch their Welsh manifestos. Later, there will be a major indication of how those tactics are working when the latest ITV Wales Welsh political barometer poll is released.

The Prime Minister's dominance of all aspects of the Conservative election campaign will be underlined when she gives the keynote speech at the Conservative launch. Theresa May will stress that the choice is between her and Jeremy Corbyn,

There are just 17 days to go until this crucial General Election.

Just 11 days after that the European Union wants the Brexit negotiations to begin.

The UK’s seat at the negotiating table will be filled by me or Jeremy Corbyn. The deal we seek will be negotiated by me or Jeremy Corbyn.

Every vote for me and my team in this election will be a vote to strengthen my hand in the negotiations to come. Every vote for any other party – Labour, the Liberal Democrats or Plaid Cymru – is a vote to send Jeremy Corbyn into the negotiating chamber on our behalf.

– Prime Minister Theresa May

In a sign of how completely she now sees the Conservatives as the party of Brexit, the Prime Minister will praise Welsh voters who chose "to ignore the hysterical warnings of Labour, Plaid Cymru and Liberal Democrat politicians in Cardiff Bay, and voted to leave the EU". There will be no reminder that both Theresa May and Welsh Secretary, Alun Cairns, were also remain supporters.

Unlike the Conservatives, Labour have given us a glimpse in advance of their manifesto, with First Minister Carwyn Jones on the cover.

Carwyn Jones decided against having Jeremy Corbyn with him on the manifesto cover Credit: Welsh Labour

Inside, it's expected to highlight plans to boost the Welsh economy.

  • Tidal lagoons, starting with Swansea
  • Rail electrification and the south and north Wales metros
  • Wylfa Newydd nuclear power station
  • A new development bank of Wales.

A strong team of Welsh Labour MPs, working with us in the Assembly, have already done so much to put these issues high up the agenda in Wales. But, we need two Labour governments working together to make our economy work for everyone, not just a few at the top.

Working in partnership, Welsh Labour will commit to protecting the funding that would have come to Wales through the EU. That money will be spent in Wales, and on Welsh priorities, and not stashed away in Whitehall as the Tories now threaten.

After years of Tory cuts, an estimated £1.5bn extra will come to Wales every year through UK Labour spending plans, and on the election of a Labour Government in Westminster we are committed to an immediate comprehensive Spending Review in Wales. We will allocate any new resources to our priority areas: job creation, the NHS and education.

– First Minister and Welsh Labour Leader Carwyn Jones AM

The last two polls have shown the Conservatives ahead in Wales, a position not seen at a Westminster election since most people were given the right to vote. Welsh Labour's attack on that lead has been based on emphasising the record of Carwyn Jones as First Minister rather than the potential of Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister. The latest poll should tell us something about whether that approach is working.

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