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Labour needs to be in power in Wales and Westminster, says Carwyn Jones

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Welsh Labour has promised to establish a "real partnership" with a Jeremy Corbyn-led UK Government, as it launched its own manifesto.

Welsh Labour leader and First Minister Carwyn Jones said the people of Wales needed Labour in power in both Cardiff and Westminster.

Speaking at the launch, Mr Jones pledged a raft of infrastructure projects, including the Swansea tidal lagoon, rail electrification and a new development bank of Wales.

He also vowed to protect the funding that would have come to Wales from the EU and abolish the Severn Bridge tolls.

Our manifesto is an ambitious, comprehensive plan of what Welsh Labour can do, together, working in the Assembly and Westminster," Mr Jones will say.

The Tories have done nothing to advance Welsh infrastructure in the last seven years - and they'll do nothing for the next five if given the chance.

A strong team of Welsh Labour MPs, working with us in the Assembly, have already done so much to put these issues high up the agenda in Wales.

But, we need two Labour governments working together to make our economy work for everyone, not just a few at the top.

Working in partnership, Welsh Labour will commit to protecting the funding that would have come to Wales through the EU.

That money will be spent in Wales, and on Welsh priorities, and not stashed away in Whitehall as the Tories now threaten.

– Carwyn Jones, First Minister

ITV Wales' political reporter Owain Phillips reports from Flintshire:

Mr Jones said an estimated £1.5 billion extra will come to Wales from a Labour Government's spending plans.

Welsh Labour has been publishing its own "distinct, bold and proudly Welsh Labour" manifesto since devolution and this document will sit alongside Mr Corbyn's pledges to nationalise key industries and reverse years of austerity.

Mr Jones was in Delyn, Flintshire to launch the manifesto.