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Champions League final: 'It will have a long-lasting legacy for Cardiff'

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Cardiff Council thanked residents for "some necessary disruption" and said holding the final will have a "long-lasting legacy for the Welsh capital"

The atmosphere in Cardiff over the weekend was - as always - world-beating. I would like to thank everyone that has worked so hard to make this event a success.

The planning and effort to put on something this big and run it so smoothly while keeping everyone safe from harm often goes unrecognised.

Holding such a prestigious event as this will have a long-lasting legacy for the Welsh capital. From the champions festival to the wonderful atmosphere created in the city centre and the stadium - it all goes to show - Cardiff offers something which is distinctive and truly unique.

Everyone from our city should feel proud today and I want to thank all our residents for putting up with some necessary disruption and for rolling out a true Welsh welcome to all our wonderful visitors.

The benefits to Cardiff shouldn’t be underestimated. We showed the world that we can host the biggest event in the world.

This was a massive coup, a tremendous game - and it will be remembered for years to come.

– Huw Thomas, Leader of Cardiff Council
Credit: PA

Thousands of people travelled from Cardiff after the match and the vast majority had left by 2am.

This was a complex operation which had involved a huge amount of planning and partnership working between multiple organisations including Arriva Trains Wales, GWR, Network Rail, the British Transport Police and Cross Country Trains.

New timetables had been put in place to ensure the success of the event and we are pleased that everything went smoothly.

The event has been described as the biggest to take place in Cardiff and we are delighted to have helped manage significant numbers safely and securely.

The fact it went so successfully was a tribute to the hard work of all those involved.

– Gareth Thomas, Arriva Trains Wales Director

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