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Tout who travelled from Italy jailed for trying to sell fake Champions League Final tickets

Tens of thousands of fans arrived in Cardiff without tickets Credit: PA

A ticket tout has been jailed for having fake Champions League final tickets after travelling 1,400 miles from Italy to Cardiff.

Pasquale Minichini, 35, was spotted by an off-duty Italian police officer in the Welsh capital as he tried to sell his counterfeit tickets.

He was heard shouting: "Tickets" in the street - and found with an envelope containing the six fake tickets.

A court heard the dad-of-three had travelled from Italy to sell the tickets at 1,000 euros each for the Real Madrid v Juventus clash.

Minichini, of Naples, Italy, pleaded guilty to being in possession of an article for fraud at Cardiff magistrates.

He also pleaded guilty to being an unauthorised person who attempted to sell a ticket for the designated football match.

Prosecutor Edward Marsh said: "Police received information of a person shouting 'tickets' in the street.

CCTV shows the defendant catching the attention of two males, showing them his mobile phone, then walking in to the Money Shop.

He was stopped coming out of the shop but left an envelope on the counter with six tickets in it.

A lady came out from the shop and said that he had left them on the counter.

– Edward March, prosecuting

Minichini was sentenced to 24 weeks in prison.

The court heard he was arrested the day before Saturday's game and missed the game as he was in a police cell.

District judge Bodfan Jenkins said: "You came to this country, and to that game, in order to make money by selling fraudulent tickets at huge prices to people who would not have been able to gain access to the game.

"I am still of the view that there is an element of significant planning by you in accessing these tickets and arranging your attendance at Cardiff."

The court heard Minichini was not involved in making the tickets.

The tout was ordered to pay a £115 surcharge.

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