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Public urged to be wary of tumble dryer dangers

There have been 38 tumble dryer related fires over the last year Credit: PA images

Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service has urged the public to be aware of the dangers of tumble dryers following numerous tumble dryer related fires this year.

Crews attended 38 fires involving tumble dryers overheating between June 2016 and May 2017 alone.

Draper family's home damaged after tumble dryer fire in 2016 Credit: ITV Wales

Last year, the Draper family from Tylorstown in the Rhondda Valley, said a fire caused by their tumble dryer destroyed part of their home after the fire swept through the property.

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The Electrical Safety First website has issued safety advice to avoid overheating and potentially causing a fire:

  • Always follow the manufacturer's instructions on the use and maintenance of the appliance.
  • Clean the lint trap after every use - the build up of lint or fluff can cause fires.
  • Don't overload plug sockets - the high wattage for a tumble dryer means that it needs its own 13 amp socket.
  • Don’t leave appliances unattended – don’t turn the tumble dryer on before you leave the house or go to bed. Tumble dryers contain powerful motors with fast moving parts that get very hot.
  • Don't ignore warning signs - if you can smell burning or clothes feel hotter at the end of the cycle, have your appliance checked out.
  • Don't overload your tumblr dryer or put items in that have been used to soak up flammable liquids, including cooking oil.

Some people might be tempted to turn the tumble dryer on before leaving the house or before going to bed, the Fire Service strongly advises against this.

Early detection of a fire can deploy the firefighters to the scene quickly and can significantly reduce the terrible consequences of fire. It is important that all homes have smoke alarms, that are correctly fitted and are tested regularly.

– Steve Davies, Deputy Head of Community Safety

Electrical Safety First has also encouraged owners of tumble dryers to register their appliances with the manufacturers to ensure their safety at home.