How party sources think they've fared as counting gets underway

Counts are getting underway across Wales, with results expected to start being announced in the next couple of hours. Credit: ITV News

As well as what's happening across the UK, there seems to be some uniquely Welsh effects to the results.

Regardless of the changing view of the party at a UK level, Labour sources here are claiming that the strategy of playing up the image of 'Welsh Labour' as an almost-separate entity has succeeded. It's certainly true that Welsh Labour MPs have rowed behind that strategy as never before.

At least one other party believes that it's worked too and look on with a little envy. Privately Welsh Conservative sources are livid at what they see as a top-down campaign organised from London and failing to maximise the use of Tory AMs. They see the row over involvement in the TV debates as symbolising all that was wrong with the campaign. One despondent Welsh Tory says 'they wouldn't let us run the campaign.'

Plaid Cymru meanwhile are resigned to having another missed opportunity. Sources say they're not expecting to make any gains. They think they've failed to win Ynys Mon which was seen as their best hope.

One Plaid source disputes that 'Welsh Labour' is the reason for any Labour successes here which they believe will be down to Jeremy Corbyn. But the source adds mischievously, 'who knows, Plaid could be holding the balance of power.'

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