1. ITV Report

Colleges in Wales must do more to help pupils with learning difficulties gain independence

A report published by Welsh education body Estyn has found that Further Education colleges are not paying enough attention to helping young people with learning difficulties gain independent living skills.

The report has set out key ways FE colleges can improve. Credit: PA

The report looks at how well colleges provide learning programmes for young people with a wide range of moderate to severe learning difficulties.

It found that only a few colleges in Wales set realistic and long-term goals for these people in developing communication and employability skills.

The education body has therefore set out ways colleges can improve the help they give to children with learning difficulties and disabilities.

  • Identifying learners' wider skills and abilities during initial assessments.
  • Ensuring individual learning plans take sufficient account of these.
  • Designing programmes of learning that are more relevant and challenging.

It is vital that FE colleges prepare young people with learning difficulties for life after they leave college and help to equip them with the skills that they need to live an independent life. Colleges should design sufficiently challenging learning programmes that have an appropriate balance between qualifications and other activities so that learning is purposeful and well-matched to the abilities of the young people.

– Meilyr Rowlands, Chief Inspector

Estyn has also made recommendations for local authorities and the Welsh Government.