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Kitten rescued after being dropped from the sky by a gull seeks new home

Sky was just four-weeks old when she was dropped from the sky by a seagull Credit: RSPCA

A kitten who was rescued from a Rhyl holiday park after being attacked and dropped from the sky by a gull is looking for a new home.

A member of the public had seen the kitten be swooped upon by one of the birds, before being dropped to the ground. It was thought she was from a colony of feral cats, living adjacent to the holiday park.

The young cat was unhurt and was affectionately nicknamed 'Sky' by the RSPCA, who say she is now old enough to be re-homed.

Sky has been hand-reared by the RSPCA Credit: RSPCA

"Sky has been through a quite remarkable ordeal, with her story splashed across the newspapers after she was rescued", said Chris Butler from the RSPCA.

She's a very friendly, fun and typically cheeky kitten, who would be well suited to a family home, and could live with younger children.

Her story is an amazing reminder as to the incredible backstory many rescue animals have, with Sky one of a number of cats in our care looking for a second chance of happiness.

– Chris Butler, RSPCA