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Brexit: one year since Britain voted to leave the EU

Credit: Victoria Jones/PA Wire/PA Images

It's been a year since the UK went to the polls to vote on whether to leave or remain in the EU.

Since then, there's been a lot of political changes, beginning with the resignation of David Cameron as Prime Minister.

A Conservative leadership election resulted in a new PM in Theresa May, and then a snap general election and hung Parliament.

Formal negotiations discussing the UK's withdrawal from the EU are only just getting underway.

To coincide with the anniversary of the Brexit vote, a group of academics have been looking at what the vote has meant for Britain.

The UK in a Changing Europe report says 'that there is little to indicate the UK Government has engaged seriously with the devolved administrations.'

They say this will be particularly noticeable when EU powers start to come back to the UK, with the Government indicating it 'intends to reaffirm Westminster's supremacy'.

After nearly 20 years of devolution, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland argue that powers that return from Brussels in relation to devolved matters, such as agriculture, must be transferred to the nations, along with the means to finance them.

The report authors says a clash over these powers may push Scotland towards independence.

Profound and fundamental political changes have occurred since the referendum and it remains to be seen how durable they prove to be.

It is hard, if not impossible, following the snap election to know how the Brexit negotiations will go. The attitude our fundamentally divided, between and within parties, Parliament will take is crucial and impossible to predict.

– Professor Anand Menon, The UK in a Changing Europe

The report also says that the 'final UK-EU agreement is likely to have very different impacts on the UK', depending on individual areas, including the devolved nations, 'potentially undermining efforts towards economic rebalancing.'