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Fall in number of students taking GCSE English Literature

There's been a decline in the number of students taking a GCSE in English Literature.

This summer only 15,000 took the course - compared to around 60,000 studying the English language.

That's despite the Welsh Government expecting students to do both.

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Patrick's son is one of those not taking the course.

Teacher Rajvi Glassbrook Griffiths said part of the benefit of taking the literature course are learning those skills you might not be able to see in exam results.

For many children it's the first ever time that you explore certain themes such as first world war through first world war poetry or civil rights, but it's also the time you talk about the real giants - love, loneliness, things you feel - there are univerasl feelings - they're not measurable necessarily in performance data and you can't measure when someone may pick up a book and what it may do for them.

– Rajvi Glassbrook Griffiths, Teacher

I'm listening to those concerns because I want welsh Children to have the opportunity to study literature - so in response ot those concerns we'll be meeting with head teachers to discuss what they believe are the reasons behind these figures


The Education Secretary, Kirsty Williams will be asking Estyn to look at how literature is taught as well as look at the GCSE subjects schools are judged on.