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'Don't entice foals' warning after baby is separated from mother

The foal followed walkers down a mountain. Credit: RSPCA

A baby foal has been rescued from a mountain after following a family out for a walk.

The RSPCA says the animal became separated from its mother on Snowdonia after following the walkers for about four miles. It was then carried a further distance by the members of the public after it fell to the ground.

After travelling such a distance, there was no way of retracing tracks and reuniting the foal with the mother, says the animal charity.

Credit: RSPCA

People have been urged to try and prevent foals following them for long distances, following this incident.

The foal is now thriving at a rescue centre.

Veterinarian Fiona Jones said: “Sadly, however well intentioned someone may be, we’re urging people to not lead foals like this way away from their mothers.

“It is so important people walking near equines do not entice, inadvertently or not, foals away – and, if that does happen, they make every effort to return them, as soon as possible. Had this happened in this instance, this foal would still be with the mother.”