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How to overcome childcare challenges over the summer holidays

One of the biggest expenses to parents over the summer holidays is finding suitable childcare while they're in work.

The average cost of summer childcare to Welsh parents is £121.05 per week - around a quarter of a person's average weekly earnings.

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Findings have shown 17% of local authorities here had insufficient data to see if their supply of available childcare met parental demand.

Here's some advice for parents looking to save money on childcare over the summer.

  • Juggling time off - some parents opt to alternate time off work in order to spread out the time they are with their children. This has it's downfalls and can mean families don't get to spent time off all together.
  • Family and friends - many people rely on family members like grandparents to help with childcare over the summer. This is often the most cost-effective solution as long as family members don't mind.
  • Grandparents - there's lots of information online for grandparents who may be looking after their grandchildren.
  • Holiday clubs - councils offer a range of holiday clubs over the summer and there are some free too. Check your local authority's website for more information or call the Families Information Service national helpline on 0800 2 346 346.
  • Tax credits - those eligible can also use vouchers and tax-credits, in certain circumstances, to help pay for the cost of activities during the summer holidays.
The average cost of childcare in Wales during summer went up by 8.8% since 2015 Credit: PA images

There's much more information on how to save money this summer on Wales This Week: Summer Savers tonight on ITV Wales at 8pm.

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