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Top tips for booking a holiday abroad

The summer holidays are one of the most expensive times of year for families across Wales, with the biggest cost being holidays abroad.

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It's estimated families spend an average of £1,200 on their summer break abroad with one in four even going into debt to pay for it - but is it really worth it?

Tonight on Wales This Week consumer expert Henry Enos shares his top tips for booking holidays abroad:

  • Set a budget and stick to it - your budget should include accommodation, food and drink, insurance, transfers and other charges, like baggage allowance and city taxes. Include a 10% contingency, just in case.
  • Check before booking budget flights - when it comes airlines, 'budget' doesn't always mean 'cheapest'. Consider the whole cost - sometimes additional extras can add up.
  • Book flights in advance - the best price tickets can be bought using some basic rules: mid-week flights (Tuesday in particular), leaving late evening, after 6pm, are the cheapest. Booking about 50 days in advance will get you the best price.
  • Airport parking - planning can cut costs! If you book your airport parking in advance online, you can save up to 60%.
  • Alternative accommodation - there are lots of websites where you can rent a variety of places to stay, from beach huts to castles and spare rooms to villas.
Researching different places to stay could save you money on your holiday. Credit: Angelos Tzortzinis/DPA/PA Images
  • Coupon sites - many of these sites offer hotels, weekend breaks and international travel at up to 60% off the normal price.
  • Free insurance - many banks and building societies offer free travel insurance as part of the package they offer customers. If you don't have insurance and you take three holidays or breaks a year, an annual cover works out most economical.
  • Exchange rate and cost of living - check these before you book! See what you can get for your money where you're going. Portugal is one of the strongest choices this year, along with Croatia.
  • Take your pets - taking pets on holiday can save money! The average kennel fees in the UK are around £130 a week. Filter your search for pet friendly hotels, and many will let you take your pet for around £10 a night.
  • Customer review sites - these are useful as they provide a lot of information about accommodation, but also on places to visit in the area. You can get recommendations for places to eat and things to do.

There's much more information on how to save money this summer on Wales This Week: Summer Savers tonight on ITV Wales at 8pm.

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