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Locals help rescue dolphin in Port Talbot

Beachgoers at Aberavon in Port Talbot helped save a dolphin which had washed ashore.

Locals helped rescue the Dolphin which had washed ashore. Credit: Port Talbot Coastguard

Passers-by played their part in keeping the dolphin hydrated, splashing it with water and wrapping it in a wet towel whilst waiting for help.

The coastguard at Port Talbot used a truck to ferry water from the sea before using a harness to carry it back to the water.

It happened at around 5am on Tuesday, July 19, the rescue service thanked the locals for their part in saving the dolphin who was seen swimming away into deeper water.

The helpers were thanked for their work. Credit: Port Talbot Coastguard

The coastguard team asked for the local lifeboat to be tasked, to ensure the dolphin got back out to deep water with the help of the RSPCA. The team alongside the lifeboat crew and local residents helped to lift the mammal into a stretcher.

Thankfully the dolphin made it to deep waters and survived, a feat that is very uncommon.

The fantastic teamwork ensured a good end to the unlucky dolphin's situation.

We are very grateful.

– Spokesperson, Port Talbot Coastguard