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More than a quarter of a million pensioners targeted by scammers in Wales

More than a quarter of a million pensioners believe they've been targeted by scammers in Wales according to new research commissioned by Age Cymru.

Age Cymru found that nearly half of the scamming attempts were carried out on the phone Credit: PA

They found that nearly half of the scamming attempts were carried out on the phone, known as 'vishing' attacks, while a further quarter were carried out through the internet known as 'phishing'.

58% of those scammed said they were too embarrassed to report the scam to an official body and kept it to themselves or told only close family and friends.

The percentage of those scammed who felt too embarrassed to report it to an official body.

Age Cymru's Deputy Chief Executive said the findings strengthened calls to place a duty of care on telephone and internet providers to reduce the amount of scams.

This research needs to act as a wake-up call to all levels of government and to private communication companies as it clearly shows that highly organised criminal gangs are now deliberately targeting older people in Wales.

Scams can have a devastating effect on an older person because as well as losing money and lifelong savings, they can also lead to a loss of self-confidence and even their independence.

– Victoria Lloyd, Deputy Chief Executive, Age Cmru

The research also comes this Scams Awareness Month, arranged by the Citizen’s Advice and Trading Standards Services who have given their top tips for staying safe.

  • Use door chains to keep door step scammers out of your home
  • Don't believe letters claiming you have won the lottery if you haven't entered
  • Hang up the phone if you are suspicious about a call and remember a bank will never ask for your PIN number
  • Delete emails from unknown sources and never reply to them
  • Get independent financial advice before signing up to any arrangement
  • If you think you have been scammed don't be embarrassed, seek help from a reputable organisation