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Powers over agriculture should come straight to Wales, not sit in London after Brexit, says Lesley Griffiths

Wales needs assurances that powers over the environment and agriculture will come straight to Cardiff post-Brexit and not stay in Westminster, says the Welsh Environment and Rural Affairs Secretary.

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Lesley Griffiths says she will meet her UK counterpart Michael Gove for the first time later and she hopes that he will reinstate monthly meetings between the environment ministers of the four parts of the UK so they can discuss how Brexit will affect them.

Ms Griffiths said that the Repeal Bill in its current state would see powers transfer directly from Brussels to London, despite agricultural issues being devolved to the Welsh Government, setting us back almost two decades.

Lesley Griffiths AM

I would love to be able to say that we can be sure that Brexit will not have a detrimental effect, but the reality is that we have not had the assurances that we would have liked.

EU legislation and regulations will just land in London, those powers belong to the people of Wales.

I’m accountable to the people of Wales, we make the decisions around agriculture, forestry and the environment and have done for 18 years.

We don’t want to see a row back in relation to those powers, they are our powers.

We want to make sure those powers come straight to Cardiff and don’t sit in London, temporarily or whatever, we need those powers straight away.

I want assurance that that is not going to happen. We really need to make him understand that we need to have those powers straight away.

We know what’s important to the environment sector, to the agricultural sector to our food and drink producers.

They won’t understand that in london, we don’t want those decisions taken in London.

The EU referendum was not a roll back on devolution.


UK Environment Secretary Michael Gove will be visiting the Royal Welsh Show with Welsh Secretary Alun Cairns later today.

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