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Warnings over use of rat poison after hedgehogs found dead

The RSPCA are warning people about the unintended impact rat poison is having on wild animals like hedgehogs, after two were found dead on Anglesey.

Credit: PA Images

The charity said they were found dead in the Beaumaris area, both had their mouths open, with blood coming out, but otherwise appeared in good condition.

Credit: PA Images

Rodenticide poisons are commonly used to control rat populations, but RSPCA Cymru said it is concerned about suffering caused to the rodents, as well as the possibility of 'unintended or secondary poisoning.'

Concerns are heightened as there are a number of hedgehog families thought to be living in the local area - so we’re reminding the public as to the potentially fatal, unintended consequences of legal poisons to other wild animals.

In addition to these possible unintended consequences to other animals, poisons can cause rodents suffering; animals may show outward signs of pain and distress and it may take days before the anticoagulant takes full effect; the poisons are designed to be slow-acting because these animals are 'neophobic', meaning they have a deep fear of new things or changes.

The RSPCA produces guidance to members of the public on living with rats, including guidance on control, which we'd urge anyone affected to explore.

– RSPCA inspector Andrew Broadbent