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Third of Welsh people concerned about winter fuel costs

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Over a third of Welsh bill payers are concerned about the cost of energy bills this winter.

This comes as British Gas announced they would be increasing electricity prices by 12.5%.

Research from price comparison website found that more than half of Welsh people are struggling with their household finances

of Welsh bill payers are struggling to balance household finances.

The research also found that Welsh residents are 13% less likely to switch energy providers compared to the national average.

To reduce energy costs, over half of consumers have turned down their thermostats, or worn layers to avoid using heating.

It's appalling that a third of Welsh households are already worrying about how they will be able to afford to keep warm this winter, especially when half of them are already struggling with their household finances. To make matters even worse, the latest price hike from British Gas will hit 3 million more energy customers just as they start to think about putting the central heating on. But people can take control before the cold weather kicks in and move to a cheaper deal - as many are following the latest big six price rise this week. Whether you own your own home or rent, and whatever part of the country you live in, all energy customers have the right to choose the tariff that's best for them rather than accepting whatever price their supplier imposes.

– Claire Osborne, energy expert